The Which Doctor’s Self Care Acu-Pack


Do you have a special someone in your life that you would like to spoil? Is that person you? The Which Doctor has come up with a gorgeously presented self-care pack of all her favourite Chinese Medicine goodies! This pack is the perfect gift to give to someone you love and help them unwind, relax and treat themselves. As The Which Doctor is all about combining Chinese Medicine with Western Science she has teamed up with twistED Science (Echuca) to create some of her little elements and therefore there are little touches of science in her pack of ancient wisdom.

This pack includes;

  • 2 x Moxibustion sticks (an ancient Chinese Medicine tool)
  • 20 x press studs to self-apply on certain chill out acupuncture points.
  • 1 small treat of vegan dark chocolate goji berries as a sweet snack (Goji Berries are a famous Chinese herb).
  • 2 x Chinese Medicine infused bath bombs (Lavender and Calendula) enriched with nourishing avocado oil and topped with beautiful, dried herbs. A huge thank you to twistED Science for their help with this part of the pack!
  • AND a VERY in-depth instruction manual with some fun facts about the magic of Chinese Medicine and a detailed description on how to use your little box of love.

As The Which Doctor is also very conscious of her carbon footprint, all paper is 100% recycled, glass is used where possible and plastic is kept to the bare minimum. This pack is not only beautiful to look it, it is also beautiful for our earth. When you are finished with your pack make sure you give back to Mother Earth and pop it in the recycle bin.

There is also a very sneaky GOLDEN TICKET hidden amongst the Acu-Packs. This Golden Ticket comes in the form of a sparkly, golden bath bomb that smells like cinnamon. If you find the winning ticket in your pack, CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE WON! Contact The Which Doctor to claim your secret prize. The Which Doctor’s Self Care Acu-Pack is a perfectly packaged little box of happiness that would be the ideal gift for yourself or your loved one. Do you deserve some nurturing? I think so.

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